How to Spend 2 Days in Rome

Your First Day in Rome

Check-in at Hotel Eden

Boasting an original design by Francesco Settimi (the man responsible for many of the important buildings of Rome at the time) and business acumen of Francesco Nistelweck, the Hotel Eden launched in 1889 to instant success. Today, some 133 years and an 18-month-long restoration later, the hotel continues to be one of the premier luxury addresses in the Italian capital.

The hotel is located right at the heart of Rome and close to important landmarks. See the Pantheon, the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, the Spanish Steps, and unbeatable views over Villa Borghese and its surrounding estate. Following the renovation, the hotel reduced its accommodations to 98 rooms and suites, making each one more spacious.

Featuring an opulent interior design by the firm 4BI & Associates, guests are treated to champagne interiors, with comfortable modern furniture influenced by the Art Deco style. Meanwhile, stunning paintings adorn the walls and lush silk curtains stand still on both sides of the large windows and balcony doors that offer breathtaking views of the Eternal City.

Even the Classic Room (the entry level accommodation) offers a 35m2 footprint, with Butler service, a comfortable Queen-sized bed, and one of the most stunning marble bathrooms in the city. However, one of the hotel’s grandest offerings remains its Michelin-starred La Terrazza, where guests can relish the exquisite menu of Chef Fabio Ciervo alongside panoramic views of the city.

Breakfast at Caffè Pasticceria Roscioli 

A veritable institution in Rome, the Roscioli name has been synonymous with stunning food and good ambiance since 1824. In 2017, the brand opened Caffè Pasticceria Roscioli located in Piazza Cairoli.

A gorgeous little spot, full of life and warmth but also pleasantly quiet, Caffè Roscioli is the perfect place to begin an exploration of Rome. Entering the café, guests are greeted with rows of beautiful pastries on display and the sound of the baristas and chefs busy behind the counter.

Our favorite: the Maritozzo and a Cappuccino.

Churches of Rome and Spend a Day in the company of Art Restorer Valeria Merlini

Home to various architectural styles, every building harbors an unspoken beauty. Either an ancient artefact or sculpture, a historic furniture or chandelier, or a painting. When it comes to the churches of Rome, the beauty is thousandfold.

Many of the churches in Rome, whether it is the major ones such as St Peter’s Basilica and the Santa Maria Maggiore, or one of the lesser known such as the Basilica of Sant’Agostino, not only impress with their stunning architecture but also with their interiors, which are more often than not, adorned with the works of masters such as Da Vinci, Giotto, Michaelangelo and Caravaggio.

One of our most exciting Immersions in Rome is to spend a day in the company of one of the most in-demand art restorers in the city, Valeria Merlini. Co-Founder of the Merlini Storti Studio, Valeria and her partner were responsible for overseeing the first ever in-situ art restoration in the city. The endeavor saw Valeria and her team restore Caravaggio’s The Pilgrim’s Madonna where the public was allowed to observe the artists at work.

In this exclusive Lartisien Immersion, guests will have the chance to accompany Valeria to various locations around Rome to observe her work, previous and ongoing projects, before heading to the studio to delve deeper into her process and even see exclusive images of her restoration of three Caravaggio paintings.

A Treat at the Hotel Eden Spa

After a day walking around Rome, an evening at the spa presents itself as the perfect follow-up. Within a gorgeous setting with Roman-vaulted ceiling and mood lighting, guests can enjoy an extensive menu of therapeutic massages and treatments.

Alongside classics such as Swedish and Deep Tissue massages, the spa also offers signature treatments such as the Nano apple stem cell complex Anti-Ageing facial and the Rose Gold Radiance Treatment. The spa makes use of only the very best products such as Officina Profuma, Anmin cosmetics and others. The Eden Spa is also the only spa in Europe to be collaborating with skincare specialist Sonya Dakar.

Diner at Roscioli Salumeria Con Cucina

Another address of the Roscioli house but vastly different in atmosphere, the Roscioli Salumeria Con Cucina is a little slice of Roman history and a perfect way to discover more about the city through its cuisine.

Located close to Campo de’ Fiori, in the heart of the city itself, La Salumeria Roscioli was founded in 1992 after Marco Roscioli had already opened his iconic bakery. His son, Alessandro, was entrusted with the Salumeria and for 10 years endeavored to make the restaurant one that was representative of the city’s rich cuisine.

Within a rustic, homely setting that is beloved by the locals, guests can enjoy a menu that combines Italian classics that are both comfort food in addition to being experimental in nature, elevating the experience to a much finer dining experience.

Our favorites:

Entrée: Bocconi di Bufala e Alici Del Mar Cantabrico (3 small buffalo dop mozzarellas served with Cantabrian Sea anchovies, zucchini “alla scapece” and evo oil with trombolotto lemon)

Main: La Carbonara (large spaghetti tossed with crispy cheek pork, three peppers, Paolo Parisi eggs and roman “pecorino” cheese dop)

Dessert: Tiramisu

Your Day 2 in Rome

Lunch at Il Giardino Ristorante

Located on the rooftop of Hotel Eden, Il Giardino Ristorante offers a gorgeous setting and equally stunning food. While this is where guests of Hotel Eden are likely to have breakfast, the lunch menu is vastly different and offers Italian classics made by the best produce available and accompanied by views of the Eternal City.

Our favorite:

Pasta: Spaghetti ‘cacio e pepe’ with pecorino, black pepper and turmeric

Dessert: Mango sorbet

Explore Palazzo Colonna

Located at the base of Quirinal Hill and belonging to the Colonna family since the 13th century, the Palazzo Colonna was the home of Cardinal Oddone Colonna who would become Pope Martin V in 1417.

For twenty generations, the Colonna family has continued to be the owner and custodian of the Palazzo and the Colonna Art Gallery, which is home to 270 works of arts across the centuries. Visitors can spot paintings by the masters such as Lorenzo Monaco and Palma the Elder, and frescoes by Filippo Gherardi and Sebastiano Ricci.

The Gallery is only open on Saturday, from 9:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Drinks at Hotel de Russie

Once the sun sets, one of the best places to be at is the Stravinskij Bar at Hotel de Russie. A hidden gem at the heart of the city, the bar brings guests right into the hotel’s stunning gardens where they can sip on exotic drinks, relish delicious snacks, and wander about the gorgeous open-air location.

Take a seat at the counter or in an interior area, or even stroll about the stone staircases that lead to the gardens.

Our favorite: The Stravinskij

Dinner at Il Pagliaccio

A 2-Michelin-starred address at the heart of Rome, Il Pagliaccio by Anthony Genovese celebrates Italian cuisine by rediscovering the country’s classics.

The menu is a fusion of Mediterranean flavors along with influences from around the world and Chef Genovese’s numerous travels and explorations, namely from the Orient. The restaurant also boasts an excellent wine list, designed to accompany the dishes of the menu.

Tasting Menus:

Parallels (14 courses), Circus (10 courses), Orme (8 courses), Terrae (6 vegetarian courses), and Intermezzo (4 lunch courses)

Luxury Hotel Stays in Rome

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