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Dubai is truly the city of the moment. It's, to us, a symbol of ultra modernity, unparalleled architecture and constant innovation. We love it for the crazy challenges the city takes on and also for its ability to entertain. Dubai is a place where dreams come true but that only happens because the city has custodians that the world does not see. They are the people who hold the keys to the city's most secret doors, and Dubai seen through their eyes is a completely different experience. With its immersions, Lartisien takes you to these incredible people so you can experience Dubai beyond its obvious landmarks.

Eco Dubai


by Mohamed Aissaoui

When Lartisien first met with Mohamed, strolling about his farm in his comfy shirt and straw hat, we thought he was born and bred here, tending to his gardens and animals… But Mohamed began his journey of self-discovery in the South of France, choosing to live here in the UAE where he is leading the way to organic and sustainable farming. With this immersion, Lartisien invites you to wander about the ecological marvel that is Mohamed’s My Farm in Dubai and get an exclusive taste of the future of agriculture.

The landscape of Dubai


by Riyad Joucka

If you take a walk around Riyad Joucka’s office, you’d think he is designing alien technology or he is an abstract contemporary artist of some sorts, but Riyad is an architect, and his passion is all about providing answers to the challenges of everyday life. Calm and wise beyond his years, Riyad seeks to bring more innovative architecture to the Middle East but with respect to its history. With this immersion, Lartisien invites you to the backstage of some of the city’s most iconic buildings, to experience Dubai like few people do.

UAE's pearl farms


with Abdulla Al Suwaidi

For Abdulla Al Suwaidi, pearls are his calling, but more than that, they are a way to teach the world how to do things right. As one of the last natural pearl divers in the world - a practice he inherited from his grandfather - Abdulla is fighting to preserve the legacy of his family. And in this exclusive encounter, Lartisien invites you to the depths of the Arabian Sea, learning about how pearls are cultured but also the work being done to reconcile luxury with ethics and traditions in the Al Rams Marina.

History of Dubaï


by Neel Shukla

With parents who have closely documented the rise of the UAE through photography, and a father who became the Royal Photographer, Neil Shukla was born in art. And looking at the sheer spectrum of everything he’s been in -from interior design to art installations to architecture and much more- it is clear that Neil lives and breathes Art. It is this kind of unique personal journey that Lartisien wants to give you the opportunity to experience, and with this immersion, you will be discovering the rich art landscape of the UAE with someone who knows it intimately.


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