Discover Vienna like you've never seen it before!

Vienna is one of those cities with moments in time where its history, architecture, art, music and cuisine were shaped and for decades - and centuries after - their spell remained unchanged. It's a city best experienced in the company of people who know it and at Lartisien, we went in search of those select people to know and sublimate its true essence. For this is, after all, the beauty of an immersion in a destination.

Musical Vienna


with Sélim Mazari

It's one of our better immersions in Vienna. In the company of musical prodigy Sélim Mazari, discover the Vienna of Mozart and Beethoven... a journey through Wien Museum Beethoven Pasqualatihaus, Wien Museum Mozart apartment and St. Peter's Catholic Church. Sélim Mazari is known the world over for his jubilant interpretations of Debussy and Scarlatti, and when Lartisien met him, we were enthralled by his soulful story, and his understanding of the cultural fabric of Vienna.

The history of Vienna


with Jean-Paul Vaugoin

To meet Jean-Paul Vaugoin, one has to step into his world... a workshop at Zieglergasse 24 and entering it is like entering a portal to a different time. It's a showroom unlike any other in Vienna and that's because it's the abode of one of the city's most established silversmiths, currently overseen by sixth-generation heir Jean-Paul Vaugoin. He knows the history of Vienna through the ages, in stories passed down generations of his family, and in this immersion, you become privy to many of them.

Viennese gastronomy


with chef Silvio Nickol

He is one of the most renowned chefs in Vienna but what Lartisien really loved about chef Silvio Nickol, at the helm of Palais Coburg's two-Michelin-starred restaurant, is his story. It's one of passion... very much like our own. The chef would discover his passion for cooking when he was just seven years old, preparing food for his little brother, and it's a love affair that would last a lifetime. In this immersion, you see the chef in action, creating one of his signature dishes he calls "der Wald", and more!

Our other immersions in Vienna

History of Vienna by

Gerhard Strassgschwandtner


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