4-Day Itinerary in Copenhagen

Discover the ideal 4-day itinerary in Copenhagen to make the most of a trip to the City of Spires with Lartisien. The city was once a Viking fishing village in 10th century Europe but is now one of the most important cultural and economic hubs of Denmark and one of the most intriguing places to visit in the continent.

Copenhagen is a city full of discovery and entertainment waiting to be experienced with historic amusement parks, iconic urban sceneries, medieval and renaissance architecture and royal palaces. This human scale city is particularly pleasant because it is easy to explore on foot or by bicycle.

Copenhagen Itinerary

Day 1 in Copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle

The Rosenborg Castle was completed in 1604 as the summerhouse for then King Christian IV, and located in the centre of the Danish capital. Rosenborg was a royal residence until 1710 when Frederick IV chose to change his summer residence to a more modern palace. It was from this time on that the castle began to house the jewels and precious objects of the Danish crown.

Built in traditional Dutch Renaissance style, the castle is found within Kongens Have (The King’s Gardens), a 30-acre property that is the oldest and to this day, the most visited park in central Copenhagen. Inside, the visitors can find landmarks such as the Renaissance Gardens, the Rosenborg Barracks, the Hercules Pavilion, as well as a number of sculptures and water fountains such as The Horse and the Lion and The Boy on the Swan.

During summer, the garden hosts a number of art exhibitions and concerts.

Lunch at Slurp Ramen Joint

Minutes from Rosenborg Castle, Slurp Ramen Joint treats customers to fresh, handmade noodles, homecooked broth, and an array of flavorful ingredients. Slurp Ramen was originally co-founded by Nik Harmsen and Philipp Inreiter, that latter having worked at Noma, one of the best restaurants in the capital.

The cozy joint is homely and warm where guests can sit at a table or take place at the counter, where they can see the chefs preparing their ramen dishes. Enjoy a menu that includes classics like the Shio Ramen, the Shoyu Ramen, and the Gyukotsu Ramen. There’s also beloved snacks such as Karaage fried chicken and King Fish Sashimi.

Address: Nansensgade 90, 1366 København

Opening hours:

Monday – closed

Tuesday – 17h to 21h

Wednesday to Sunday – 12h to 15h, 17h to 21h


However, if one is looking for a quicker option and a more immersive one, we recommend a trip to TorvehallerneKBH. It’s a resto/urban market setting where customers can enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood, prepared in an array of recipes, and accompanied by rustic drinks and desserts.

Address: Frederiksborggade 21, 1362 København

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 10h to 19h

Saturday and Sunday – 10h to 18h

Copenhagen Botanical Garden

This 10-hectare property dates back to 1874 and is Denmark’s largest collection of living plants. Free to all, the Botanical Garden is part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark and holds over 13,000 species of plants with specimens from parts of Europe. There is also a butterfly house, a tropical palm house, and a new rhododendron garden. The Botanical Garden is specially known for its 27 beautiful glass houses, with an iconic cast-iron spiral staircase in the Palm House. Visitors can also enjoy a flower shop, and a café in the Botanical Garden.

Dinner at À Terre

Located in a Renaissance building just behind the Royal Danish Theatre, à terre offers an exquisite French gastronomic experience in Copenhagen.

Created by owner and Head Chef Yves Le Lay as an homage to his father, the restaurant celebrates French cuisine which has been influenced with flavors from all over the world. There, customers can enjoy such dishes as the Galette Finistèrien (lobster, Roscoff onion & Breton curry) or Le temps est bon (shrimp, white asparagus & morel béarnaise) before ending the meal with either cheese from the trolley or a Rådhuspandekager (crêpes, mandarin, apricot & almonds).

Address: Tordenskjoldsgade 11, 1055 København

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday – 17h to 22h
Saturday lunch – 12h to 14h
Sunday to Tuesday – Closed

Day 2 In Copenhagen

Danish National Gallery (SMK)

The Danish national gallery is located at the heart of the city, minutes from the Rosenborg Castle and the public park Østre Anlæg.

The gallery is home to over 240 000 works of art on paper and 2 600 plaster casts from the ancient times, the middle-ages and the Renaissance period. Of the 9 000 paintings and sculptures, the museum boasts such artworks as Boys Bathing at Skagen. Summer Evening by Peder Severin Krøyer, Evening Talk by Edvard Munch, Interior Strandgade and The Sunlight on the Floor by Vilhelm Hammershøi and Storm in the Skerries. “The Flying Dutchman” by August Strindberg among many other masterpieces.

Trip to Nyhavn 

Nyhavn meaning “new harbour” in Danish is a stunning 17th-century waterfront site and is definitely the most iconic place in the city of Copenhagen. It brings visitors to a scenery of colourful town houses that are old merchant houses and historical wooden boats along the quiet canal. The area is a friendly place where there are many bars and restaurants where Danish specialities can be tasted such as herring or Smørrebrød, a slice of buttered rye bread which can be topped with herring, eel, fish, shrimp, cheese, eggs, smoked meat, or vegetables. Nyhavn has even been featured in a number of films such as Ingmar Bergman’s A Lesson in Love, Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain, and Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl.

The famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, known for his tales, like The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, The Snow Queen, lived at Nyhavn.

Lunch at Restaurant Iluka

Considered the best seafood restaurant in Copenhagen, Iluka’s décor is sleek, with simple hanging lights, Nordic furniture and a theatre-style red velvet curtain that turns the restaurant into a culinary stage.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Beau Clugston, whose resume boasts impressive addresses such as Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Noma. The menu changes according to the seasons and the available produce and includes dishes such as cold cut octopus with oyster cream, potatoes & nasturtium, Gurnard skewer, cabbage, Thai basil, pickled blackberries, squid liver, and a sweet treat of Mayan red chocolate sorbet, soft merengue, grated milk & dill oil. Guests also have the option to try the 7-course tasting menu, with wine pairing.

Address: Peder Skrams Gade 15, 1054 København

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday – 17h30 to midnight (kitchen closes at 22h)

Tivoli Gardens

The third oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli Gardens has occupied a spot right in the heart of Copenhagen since 1843.

Originally named Tivoli & Vauxhall, taking after the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris and Vauxhall Gardens in London (both now disappeared), Tivoli Gardens is the fifth most visited amusement park in all of Europe. The 20-acre property is known for its rollercoasters. The most famous of which is the wooden Rollercoast Rutschebanen, which was built in 1914. The amusement park is also home to a slate of other traditional rides such as roundabout boats, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, carousels, theatre performances and concert halls among many others.

Diner at Marv&Ben

Located at the Snaregade, one of Copehagen’s oldest streets, Marv&Ben has converted a two-floor apartment into a convivial dining area, where guests can enjoy the flavors and textures of Nordic gastronomy.

With its contrasting décor of stark white walls, black furniture, and spotlights, the place teeters on the verge of a gallery atmosphere. The menu features Nordic dishes like the Cod, leek & cep, and the Potato, trout roe & lovage, with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, whether it is the meant that’s bought from local farmers or fish that’s caught close to the coast. Alongside its à la carte menu, Marv&Ben also offers 2 tasting menus (Six Favorites and Fast Four) as well as a wine menu that includes biodynamic, organic and conventional wines from France, Italy, Germany, and the United States.

Address: Snaregade 4, 1205 Copenhagen K

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday – 17h30 to 01h

Day 3 in Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace

Located on Slotsholmen, an islet in central Copenhagen, Christiansborg Palace is a palace and current government building. The building acts as the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court of Denmark, with certain areas of the palace still used by the Danish monarchy during events.

Due to two serious fires that occurred in 1794 and 1884, the current building displays 3 distinct Danish architectural styles, with parts boasting Neo-baroque, neoclassical, and baroque designs. The current castle rests on the ruins of an 800-year-old castle.

During the visit to the palace, guests can explore the Royal Reception Rooms, the Great Hall where they can admire the Queen’s tapestries by artist Bjørn Nørgaard, the Palace Chapel, and the Royal Stables.

Strøget Street

The main shopping area of Copenhagen, Strøget Street, is located at the heart of the capital itself. The 1.1 km street runs from City Hall Square (headquarters of the Copenhagen City Council) to Kongens Nytorv, and is populated by high-end boutiques, such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Mulburry, Hermès, and more. Alongside the shops, there are a slate of gastronomic restaurants such as Norrlyst, and Marv & Ben located just around. Along Strøget Street, visitors can see the Church of Our Lady cathedral, the Stork Fountain, and Kongens Nytorv Square.

The LEGO Store along Strøget Street is also a popular address and a bucket list item, since the popular construction toy was invented by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen.

National Aquarium Denmark

After the original building located in Charlottenlund was closed in 2012, the new Blue Planet Aquarium was opened in the suburb of Kastrup, and occupies the title of the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. The aquarium is a 30-minute train ride from central Copenhagen.

The 12 000-square-meter aquarium contains 53 exhibits divided in 5 main sections:

  • The Rainforest (where visitors can see specimens such as the Philippine Crocodiles, the pacus, the freshwater stingrays, boa constrictors, and about 3 000 piranhas among others.),
  • The African Great Lakes (specimens include: cichlids, Nile perch),
  • Evolution and Adaptation (section dedicated to the concept of fish evolution and adaptation, displaying specimens such as the four-eyed fish, the archerfish, the mudskippers, and primitive species such as the bichir and the lungfish.),
  • Cold Water (home to native Danish species such as the cod, wolffish, conger, puffin, the giant Pacific Octopus among others)
  • The Warm Ocean is the largest aquarium at Blue Planet and is home to various species of sharks, stingrays, groupers, eels, and more.

The aquarium is also a short 10 minutes car ride from Amager Strandpark beach. The seaside public park offers 4.6 kilometers of beaches, with a broad promenade, and various areas for game and entertainment. Visitors can even enjoy a view of the windmill park and the Øresund Bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden.

Dinner at The Alchemist

An experience more than a meal, The Alchemist offers what it calls a “holistic cuisine”. The concept aims at redefining the very idea of dining and incorporates elements of theatre, art, technology and science to make for a completely unique culinary experience.

Created by Chef Rasmus Munk, the 2-Michelin-starred Alchemist is a 22 000 square-feet restaurant is where guests are introduced to 45 – 50 edible impressions paired with artistic performance, installations and architecture. Hosts and guests embark on a journey to discuss, debate, and redefine cuisine, food, its ethics and philosophy among others things. The cuisine itself covers a variety of flavors and ingredients from all over the world. The Holistic Dinner experience at The Alchemist can last between 5 and 6 hours. Beware, the dinner is expensive, count 700 dollars per person for the Alchemist experience menu.

Address: Refshalevej 173C, 1432 København K

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday – 17h to 02h

Day 4 in Copenhagen

Hirschsprung Collection

The Hirschsprung Collection is an art museum located on Stockholmsgade in Copenhagen, near the Danish National Gallery. The collection is built around the personal collection of Heinrich Hirschsprung, who was a tobacco manufacturer and an art enthusiast. The museum is home to a large collection of Danish art from the 19th and early 20th century, as well as artworks from the Danish Golden Age (1800 – 1850) and also art pieces from the Skagen Painters, which includes Anna Ancher, Karl Madsen, Carl Locher, among others.

Artworks on display include: Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Girl in the Kitchen by Anna Ancher, Italian Village Hatters by P.S. Krøyer among others.

Visit of Kastellet

A citadel located in the capital, Kastellet is one of the best preserved fortresses in Northern Europe. The historic site is home to a number of landmarks such as the Citadel Church, which will turn 320 years old in 2024, the ancient windmill which was built in 1847, and others.

Kastellet is now a popular relaxation and walking spot, known for the many animals and birds on its grounds, including the magnificent Mute Swans, and the Pomeranian Ducks.

The Changing of the Guards takes place everyday at noon, while military concerts take place in summer.

Museum of Design

The Designmuseum Denmark is located in central Copenhagen, minutes away from Rosenborg Castle and is dedicated to the Danish and International Arts and Crafts. The museum is housed in one of Copenhagen’s finest Rococo buildings which had been furnished by Kaare Klint, and was renovated in 2022.

Today, the Designmuseum features a much more contemporary, and a number of international exhibitions and artists. The museum is also home to one of the largest libraries in the Nordic Countries dedicated to design and crafts.

Dinner at Zahida

Located immediately behind the King’s Gardens, Zahida brings the flavors of India and Pakistan to the Danish capital.

Helmed by 2 brothers from the UK, the restaurant’s casual ambiance and hip décor includes spherical turquoise light fixtures, artworks presenting women in traditional Pakistani garb painted in the Mona Lisa fashion hanging over a cloud of pink flowers, and funky purple lights that turn on in the evening. Guests get to try some exquisite traditional Indo-Pakistani delicacies with a modern twist, such as the iconic Zahida’s Butter Chicken, the Lamp Chops, or the Gunpowder Bites. These dishes can be accompanied by a pitcher of Manga Fandango or any other cocktail from their menu, and completed with a scoop of mango kulfi ice cream.

Address: Rømersgade 20, st, 1362 København

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday – 17h30 to 22h

Friday to Saturday – 17h30 to 23h

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Nimb Hotel

Given its privileged location within the magical Tivoli Gardens and its impressive 1909 Moorish architecture,the Nimb Hotel appears like a castle straight from a fairy-tale. The hotel sits along the western side of the gardens, welcoming guests to a magnificent façade that lights up at sunset and casts its reflection across the water fountain just in front of it.

After a complete refurbishment in 2007, Nimb Hotel was able to integrate the Moorish influences of its original designer Knud Arne-Petersen (who was the director of Tivoli Gardens at the time of construction) with the more contemporary looks of Italian architect Matteo Thun.

Inside, the hotel’s 38 rooms and suites feature a modern décor, leaning towards a more subdued, earthy palette of grey and brown, enhanced by wooden parquet, and antique and vintage furniture. The rooms and suites give a residential loft feel, with views over Bernstorffsgade Street or Tivoli Gardens. The Corner Suite offers the best view of the open-air stage in Tivoli Garden, as well as a fantastic residential feel on the inside, with a fireplace, and access to Nimb Roof.

On the culinary side, guests have the choice of 5 restaurants and bars.

The Nimb Brasserie invites guests into a casual, warm bistro style setting, where they can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a menu of French classics such as Croque Madame and Egg Benedicts.

Fru Nimb is an open-faced sandwich restaurant, where guests can enjoy a large variety of sandwiches, lavishly topped with flavorful produce such as salmon and fried herring or hand-peeled shrimps among others.

Cakenhagen is the delight of those with a sweet tooth, being the ideal spot to enjoy an array of cakes, pastries, and hot beverages.

Nimb Bar is located in the hotel’s historic ball room, where guests can sip on cocktails underneath the crystal chandeliers or even enjoy an Afternoon Tea in plush velvet sofas. One of the latest additions to the club, the Nimb Roof is the rooftop terrace setting where guests can enjoy an electric ambiance during dinner, drinks, concerts, and even a BBQ party.

Nimb Hotel completes its offering with Nimb Wellness, a 300 square-meter oasis where guests can enjoy massages and treatments. The spa’s signature massages are inspired by techniques from all over the world such as the Balinese massage or the Aloha Massage. The spa’s beauty treatments include the expertise from ShineCPH (owned and operated by medically trained beautician Louise Camilla Iversen). Guests also have access to the new Cryo Mask treatment, a fully equipped fitness studio with TRX equipment and a Moroccan Hammam.

Nimb Hotel

Address: Bernstoffsgade 5, Copenhagen

Transfer: 20 minutes from Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport

Opening period: All year

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