Frequently asked questions

The Lartisien brand

Lartisien is a French brand specialising in the design of exceptional trips. Relying on hand-picked hotel partners selected for the excellence of their service and their offer, Lartisien's mission is to make its customers experience destinations differently by sojourning at the most exceptional hotels and meetings with local individuals who have become masters at their crafts.


Lartisien was born from the passion that two brothers, Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien, harboured for the hotel industry. At the time, they were both nourishing a dream of bringing together, in a collection, what they considered to be the most beautiful hotels in the world. The company was established in 2007 with 150 exceptional hotels that were invited to join the Collection by Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien.

Lartisien is the world leader in the luxury travel market. Lartisien's purpose is to create trips that bring each place to life while respecting its very essence and the characteristics that make it so unique as well as the heritage of those who live there. Choosing Lartisien is the guarantee of staying in an exceptional hotel from our Collection. However, what truly defines the Lartisien service is its profoundly human aspect and the attention that we devote to each and every guest. We provide you with a dedicated contact point who will accompany you throughout your stay and will ensure that you are treated with the utmost care, even at hotels where you will be staying for the first time. Lartisien brings to you a network of partners with whom they have been collaborating since 2007, and with whom they share a strong relationship, which allows for a unique customer treatment.

The Lartisien service

Lartisien is known for the excellence of its service. Each customer benefits from a dedicated contact called GEM (Guest Experience Manager). This contact will follow the client throughout their customer journey and will act as a facilitator for their various reservations.

The Lartisien Collection

Lartisien is the most exclusive selection of hotels. We have our own team of in-house experts who regularly review the hotels in the Collection and look for new potential candidates from the destinations that we offer. A Lartisien hotel is a 5-star hotel, offering exceptional maintenance, perfect service and that extra intangible something that gives the hotel its unique identity and soul. Staying in a Lartisien hotel is the guarantee of staying in an exceptional hotel.

The Lartisien Collection is one that is dynamic and ever-changing. Each year a number of hotels enter the collection, while others may leave. Some hotels have to be removed from the Lartisien Collection because they no longer meet the criteria of excellence established by the company.

Thanks to the very close relationships forged with each hotel partner, customers benefit from many advantages in each hotel of the Lartisien Collection, such as upgrades upon availability, a VIP welcome, airport transfers and many more. These benefits are strictly linked to each hotel and vary according to each establishment.

Lartisien privileges are available as soon as they are mentioned in the “price details”, during the reservation process.

Lartisien Experience

Lartisien creates tailor-made and unique experiences to discover the very soul of the destinations. Starting from the simple idea that a place always has much more to offer than what travelers usually confine themselves to, Lartisien sets out to meet passionate individuals in each destination. Through this network of experts, Lartisien creates experiences that allow their clients to immerse themselves in local culture, gastronomy and artistry.

These experiences are intended only for loyal members of Lartisien.