The Best Hotel Locations in London for Business trips

Business trips can be hard in London. There’s the jet lag to deal with depending on where you’re from, and of course, the commutes. In a country where the average driver loses 101 hours a year, they’re downright soul-crushing.

If you find yourself with a work assignment in the Swinging City, here’s our pick of the best hotel to stay in London.

 The City of London

First, let’s get rid of the confusion. The City of London is different from the rest of the city it calls home.

The reasons why stretch back hundreds of years, and merits a blog post of its own to explain it all, but for now, suffice to say that it’s an area with its own rules concerning finance and taxes.

Since special tax and legal privileges are conferred to banks and corporations within the City of London, it’s only natural that it’s now a thriving CBD, and one of the most important banking sectors in the world. That also makes it one of the busiest.

Any hotel that can cut your commute time to its congested center is worth every penny. And, the best in class for that, is the Four Seasons London at Ten Trinity Square.

Four Seasons London at Ten Trinity Square

This brand new Four Seasons wasted no time making its way into our collections, and with good reason.

First, there’s the location. Found at the heart of the thriving CBD, the Four Seasons puts you within minutes from the HQ’s of financial institutions and historical British landmarks such as the St Paul’s Cathedral.  And then, there’s the fact that it’s probably one of the most gorgeous business hotels we’ve had the chance to feast our eyes on.

The interiors designed by Bruno Moinard and Claire Bétaille, draw from Ten Trinity Square’s history as the former Port of London Authority HQ. Memorabilia and antiques from the past dot this Grade- II heritage listed building, and the rooms have a business-travel like appeal you’ll love to return to after a day of work.

here’s more reasons than the plush rooms to tempt you to stay. The Four Seasons is home to a Michelin-star restaurant from Anne Sophie Pic, a secluded private member’s club for those very important business deals, and a spa modeled on the bath houses of ancient Rome. There’s no better place to recharge before your next round of meetings.

High Holborn

When it comes to London districts, High Holborn is the odd one out.

How this area- wedged between uptown and downtown- flew under the radar of Londoners and tourists for so long is a mystery. Remarkably quiet by London standards, it sits in the sweet spot between the City of London and West End, two of the city’s busiest business areas, making it one of the best hotel locations in London for your business trip.

Dubbed “Midtown” by then Mayor Boris Johnson in a bid to boost the area’s appeal, High Holborn is slowly but surely- being considered as one of London’s best spots to stay in. The arrival of Rosewood London in 2016 is proof of that.

The Rosewood London

The Rosewood may not be as convenient as the Four Seasons if you’re working in the City of London exclusively, but it has plenty of arguments to tempt time-starved business travellers to book a stay.

From here, you’re always a 10 minute commute from two of the city’s busiest business hubs the City of London and West End, and Holborn station is a brisk three-minute walk away.

Looks wise, its contemporary designs will get your pulse racing like the plush interior of a Jaguar. Set in the former HQ of a now-defunct insurance company, the Rosewood’s looks blend quirky modern flair with the Heritage listed building’s classic interiors to perfection.

It’s exactly what a modern city hotel ought to be- trendy, luxurious and focused on providing excellent service and discretion to its guests.

Pick the one that’s right for you

No matter where you choose to stay, you can feel safe knowing that both the Rosewood and the Four Seasons are found in two of the best hotel locations in London for a business trip.

Prime postilions in High Holborn and the City of London mean that getting to wherever you need to be is a cinch. Once you’re back home in the evening, you’re also guaranteed the pinnacle of modern luxury in both. If you’d like more information about these hotels, or would like to book a stay, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help you plan the perfect trip… even if it’s for work.

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