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A new way to travel

A new way to travel

Lartisien creates unique trips with their core value being the preservation of the local heritage and the know-how of the communities. By choosing only the most beautiful hotels in the world and working with passionate individuals, Lartisien allows you to discover the very soul of the place. To travel with Lartisien means to travel ethically, respecting the destinations explored and the heritage of those who live there.

How does Lartisien help you discover the destination ?

Our discoveries

Our discoveries

Our discoveries

Lartisien has built its own network of guides and experts who will take you to discover the must-sees of each destination. Although the guides have their routes and pathways to take you to your destination, they remain mindful of the wishes and needs of every client.

Our Immersions

Our Immersions

Our Immersions

Lartisien takes you on exceptional encounters with renowned men and women from each destination. Michelin-starred chefs, artists, master glassmakers, museum curators, and many more talented and passionate personalities with whom we work to offer our clients the opportunity to truly experience the essence of the place.

Revealing the soul of the destination

Our trips are planned with a mindset of timelessness, for we allow each one of our clients to truly get in touch with the soul of the place they visit. We are always on the lookout for these passionate individuals; unforgettable encounters that make for exceptional moments.


The Lartisien Hotel Collection

Lartisien is the most exclusive selection of hotels. A hotel that is invited to join the Lartisien Collection, is a hotel that reflects excellence in all areas, whether it be service, innovations, culinary art, attention to detail, its atmosphere, and that extra intangible something that gives the place its soul and unique identity. Staying in a hotel selected by Lartisien is the guarantee of staying in an exceptional hotel.

How are hotels invited to join the Lartisien Collection ?

Lartisien has its own team of experts who regularly review the hotels in the Collection and are on the lookout for potential candidates at the various locations.

After each inspection, a report is presented to the hotel, in order to highlight the positive and negative points on the essential elements such as the location and its nearby environments, maintenance and upkeep, the quality of bedroom and bathroom products, the decoration and the quality of the furniture chosen, the service, the variety and the quality of the restaurant concepts, and finally the clientele attracted by the establishment. At the end of this report, the hotel will be informed if it will be invited to join, stay in, or leave the Collection.

An exceptional selection

Carefully curated collaborations for unique travel experiences. That's what we offer to our clients, striving for perfection every time so we make their travels more than just memories, but experiences they'll love to talk about.


Customer experience

The customer experience has been the cornerstone of Lartisien since the beginning of the company. For our customers, this means having a dedicated contact throughout their stay. It means to be welcomed as a loyal customer, even in hotels where the customer is staying for the first time. It means a bespoke trip tailored to the client's needs, which allows them to experience the destination in the way that suits them best. The customer experience also includes advantages negotiated with each hotel in the Collection, made possible through strong relationships forged with our partners. The way Lartisien demarcates itself is above all through its human touch, a dedicated contact who cares for what the client wants and needs.

What is the Lartisien experience like ?

From their first reservation with us, a new customer is assigned a dedicated contact.

This person will gradually get to know the customer perfectly, learning about their tastes, preferences, expectations and will thus be able to guide them throughout their travels. The Lartisien service is to assist our customers in all aspects of their trip, whether it is the reservation of a hotel, the choice of a restaurant, the need for a transfer or a flight, or even the complete planning of a tailor-made travelling experience.

An unparalleled service

Omnipresent to assist you with your trip to any destination, your Guest Experience Manager has the sole aim of ensuring the most perfect travel experience, accommodating any and all of your requests, and where possible, anticipating your needs ahead of time.


Bespoke Luxury Events

Lartisien provides support to the biggest luxury houses, in the design and organisation of their events. Lartisien’s expertise resides in their ability to offer to the corporate client/group, the same level of attention and care that an individual client would benefit from.

What does the Lartisien Bespoke Luxury Event consist of ?

Whether it is for the launch of a luxury jewellery collection or perfume, a company seminar, or client management during Haute Couture fashion weeks, the Lartisien teams collaborate closely with each of our clients, making sure that the theme of the event is well communicated to all parties involved, selecting hotels, negotiating contracts, creating experiences, as well as monitoring customer treatment throughout each event.


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