How to spend 3 Days in Vienna

Where to stay ? At the mythical Hotel Sacher!

Located at the very heart of the Austrian capital since 1876, Hotel Sacher Vienna is an institution offering to its guests an experience that skillfully combines the service of a grand hotel with the care and personalization of a family business.

The 5-star hotel puts guests within minutes of iconic addresses such as the Vienna State Opera House, the Albertina Museum, the Hofburg Palace, and more. Starting on the doorstep of the hotel itself, Kärntner Strasse, the main commercial street of the city, is populated with high-end boutiques like Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Apple, Boss, while Kohlmarkt, located within an 8-minute walk from the hotel, is where guests will find familiar names such as Rolex, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, and Cartier.

Behind the hotel’s 19th-century Baroque façade, the hotel has a lavish interior in the Viennese imperial style with velvet, dark wood, brass and marble. Its 150 rooms and suites are bright with large windows and light colors – white, cream and gray. They feature floral curtains and wallpaper, crystal chandeliers and Louis Philippe-style seating, classical paintings of portraits, still lifes and landscapes. They have marble bathrooms.

On the culinary side, Hotel Sacher Vienna impresses with 6 restaurants and bars – the Restaurant Rote Bar, Restaurant Grüne Bar, Blaue Bar, Sacher Eck Wien, Café Sacher Wien, and Salon Sacher – each inviting guests to relish specialties of Viennese cuisine. Meanwhile, the Sacher Boutique Spa completes the experience with a unique wellness menu featuring the hotel’s very own Time to Chocolate brand of products – which uses the benefits of the cocoa bean -, along with exclusive partnerships with brands such as Seed to Skin, Royal Fern. The hotel also offers the services of a beauty salon and a 24-hour fitness room.

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For guests looking for more a more contemporary accommodation as compared to Hotel Sacher’s historic and opulent décor, we recommend the Rosewood Vienna or the Park Hyatt Vienna, both situated within walking distance of each other, and just a stone’s thrown away from the famous Graben, known as the city’s main pedestrian thoroughfare.

Day 1

Discovering the historic city center and its landmarks

As a city of art and architecture, Vienna is studded with landmarks that allow visitors to immerse themselves in its fascinating history. During a tour of the city center, visitors will discover addresses such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the most important church in the capital, with a beautiful Romanesque architecture that dates back the 12th century, and the Baroque St Peter’s Church. The Judenplatz is a town square at the heart of the capital, important for the history of the local Jewish community, while the Michaelerplatz give visitors the opportunity to see the iconic Loos House, the Spanish Riding School, Palais Herberstein, and the Hofburg Palace. We recommend ending this first outing with a visit to the National Library, a splendid Baroque address, situated just a few steps from the Hofburg.

Lunch at Fabios for a taste of Italy

By Fabios

Opened some 20 years ago at the heart of Vienna by Fabio Giacobello, Fabios is the authority when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine. Offering a dark and somber décor of dark wood paneling and warm lights inside, as well as an al fresco setting, guests are welcome to relish a menu of traditional Italian dishes alongside a wide selection of wines. The Bar at Fabios is also an electric spot, popular with the locals as well, where patrons may enjoy a wide menu of signature cocktails such as the Champagne Gimlet.

Location: Tuchlauben 4–6, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: Mon – Wed 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Thu – Sat 9 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Sundays closed

Open on public holidays

Visit to the unmissable Museum of Fine Arts

The largest art museum in the country and one of the most important in the world, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is located on the Vienna Ring Road – a 5.3 circular grand boulevard that goes around the historic area of Innere Stadt. Housed in a neo-Renaissance building of palatial proportions, the museum’s interior is sumptuously decorated with polychrome marble, large colonnades and frescoes, as well as a grand staircase alongside which visitors can observe paintings by Gustav Klimt, Franz Matsch, Hanz Makart and Mihály Munkácsy. The museum holds one of the largest art collections in the world, focusing primarily on the Habsburg’s collection of 17th century paintings and features masterpieces from Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, among many others.

Images : Kunsthistorisches Museum / Paul Bauer

End of day trip to Grinzing, the vineyards at the outskirts of the city!

Located on the outskirts of the capital, the former village of Grinzing, now a district of Vienna, is famous for its vineyards and numerous wine bars called Heuriger. These local taverns have become popular because of their warm atmosphere and the fact that wine, beer and cider are enjoyed over hearty meals. Grinzing’s lush natural vistas makes for great walks, with various trails across the Vienna Woods, as well as popular vineyards, such as Kahlenberg. The hike on the famous Leopoldsberg hill, topped by a church, offers beautiful views of the Danube.

Image : Paul Bauer

Images : Heuriger Wolff / David Payr

Dinner at Müllers Heuriger & Weingut to experience a Heuriger

A charming little heuringer located in Grinzing, the Müllers Heuriger & Weingut invites guests to partake in a traditional Heuriger experience, with traditional Viennese dishes shared, alongside the latest vintage of wine made by house Muller itself. The décor is a welcoming tavern of wood and stone, and a magnificent courtyard setting surrounded by lush greenery.

Location: Cobenzlgasse 38 1190, Grinzing

Opening hours: Wed – Sat as from 4 p.m. (Reservations recommended)

Image : Heuriger / Peter Rigaud

Day 2

Visit of Schönbrunn Palace, a world heritage site

Once the summer residence of the Habsburg – the reigning family of Austria until 1918 – the Schönbrunn Palace is a 1,441-room palace located at the heart of Vienna. The Baroque palace and its 300-year-old gardens are recognized as a World Heritage Site, and are one of the most important addresses in the country, bringing in an average of 2.7 million visitors each year. Beside an interior tour of the palaces and its chambers, the 400-acre property is home to a number of iconic features such as the Neptune Fountain with the arches of the Gloriette rising behind it, the Orangery where Mozart and Salieri used to perform and where the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra and Ensemble now holds regular concerts. The Palace also houses the Schönbrunn Zoo, the world’s oldest zoo still in operation today, and the Palm House. A tour of the palace and the grounds takes on average 1.5 to 2 hours.

Images : Schonbrunn / Peter Rigaud

Visit of the Vienna Central Cemetery to see the graves of the greatest personalities

A sacred destination for classical music enthusiast, the Vienna Central Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the world and the most important among Vienna’s 50 cemeteries. The Cemetery is located on the outskirts of the city and is the resting place of important historical personalities such as Beethoven, Brahms, Antonio Salieri, Schubert, Johan Strauss I, among many others. The cemetery was also featured in the iconic noir film The Third Man. At the heart of the cemetery lies the Art Nouveau St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery Church.

Image : Cimetiere / Gregor Hofbauer

Images : Cimetiere / Gregor Hofbauer

Lunch at Buxbaum, an elegant tavern

Tucked away in the city center, Buxbaum is house within an intimate and charming 12th-century house protected from the buzz of the city. With its arcaded rooms and white walls and velvet benches, the restaurant has the look of a refined and elegant tavern, where a warm atmosphere prevails. Guests can experience the culinary heritage of Vienna and Austria, with classic dishes such as the traditional Wiener Schnitzel, accompanied by a wide selection of local and international wines.

Location: Grashofgasse 3 im Heiligenkreuzerhof, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Sunday: closed

Image : Wiener Schnitzel / Paul-Bauer

Tour of Domgasse to discover the city’s architectures

One of the many historic streets of Vienna, Domgasse dates back to the Middle Ages and is known for being a popular pedestrian destination. Its main attractions include the Mozart House, as well as a slew of buildings that display the various architectural ages of the city, with examples of Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Historicism and Art Nouveau. Located near Domgasse, the Jesuit Church is one such building. The Baroque building extends over two floors and is adjacent to the University of Vienna, which earned it the name University Church. Beyond its conservative facade, the church has a sumptuous interior with marble and stucco colonnades, gilding, frescoes and a trompe l’oeil dome by the Italian Andrea Pozzo.

Taste the emblematic Viennese chocolate at Demel

Opened in 1786, the Demel tea room has earned its place as the best café in Vienna among a plethora of offerings in the capital. In a classic décor with dark wood panelling, large mirrors and chandeliers in the style of an old bistro, the large display cabinets showcase the many creamy and colorful pastries of the shop, such as the popular Dobos pie or the Russian Punschtorte, as well as the iconic Strudel. We recommend you try the pastries on the spot to enjoy the décor and accompany them with the famous Viennese chocolate, or the Anna Demel coffee with orange liqueur, or even the Fiaker coffee with cherry schnapps.

Image : Demel / Peter Rigaud

Location: Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Images : Demel / Peter Rigaud

Imperial diner at the Rote Bar

Located in the heart of the Sacher Hotel, the Rote Bar is the hotel’s flagship restaurant, featuring the culinary excellence of Chef Anton Pozeg. In a floor-to-ceiling Viennese imperial decor with red velvet chairs and sofas, crystal chandeliers and a collection of oil paintings hanging on the damask walls, guests can enjoy traditional Viennese recipes while admiring the city view and listening to a piano concert. The place is extremely warm and welcoming, and perfectly conveys the spirit of this iconic establishment.

Location: Hotel Sacher Vienna

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Day 3

Visit of the Albertina and Albertina Modern Museums

Images : Albertina Museum / Paul Bauer

One of the most important museums in the world, the Albertina Museum is home to no less than 65,000 drawings and 1 million old master prints, as well as a collection of more contemporary photographs and architectural drawings. The prized collection of the museum counts drawings from Leonardo Da Vinci, Pieter Brugel the Elder, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and more. The museum has also opened a new location called the Albertina Modern found just 10 minutes away where the museum displays its recently acquired collection of Impressionist and 20th-century paintings with masterpieces from Monet, Picasso, Pollock, among others.

Horse-drawn carriage ride in Vienna

A popular local attraction, the two horse-drawn carriage rides of Vienna – called fiaker coaches referring to the hackney carriage stand in the Parisian Rude de Saint Fiacre – is one of the most comfortable and unique ways of exploring the city. Visitors can pick from a variety of options, ranging from just 20 minutes, all the way to 60 minutes, that will take them to different areas in the city, such as the Ringstrasse and the Old City. Individual sightseeing tours can also be arranged.

Discover the local craftsmanship

Vienna is home to a number of local artisans who are still carrying on their family business to this day. From a company that specializes in wine glass making to boutiques that sell authentic Austrian jewelry, the city is filled with hidden gems that are often only known by the locals. Markus Sheer, for instance, is heir to 6 generations of shoemakers, and continues to preserve the 200-year-old tradition of hand-made shoemaking. His family was once the official supplier to the Imperial Court of Austria-Hungary, and is one of the most ancient businesses in Austria. Similarly, Lobmeyr is a 200-year-old family business that specializes in the crafting of crystal ware and chandeliers, offering an unparalleled level of craftsmanship to its buyers.

Images : Lobmeyr / Paul Bauer

Diner at Steirereck, a family restaurant with 2 Michelin stars

Steirereck, a family restaurant with two Michelin stars in the heart of Vienna, is a culinary experience that reinvents the recipes of Austrian cuisine while preserving its essential aromas and flavors. Behind a façade of steel and glass, the warm and contemporary dining room invites guests to sit down and enjoy the dishes of Owner and Chef Heinz Reitbauer either through a set 6 or 7-course menu or à la carte with dishes such as the Wild Hare with Salsify, Feather Kale, Funnel Chanterelles & White Alba Truffle or the popular Veal Shoulder with Ice–Crystal Salad & Schönbrunner Kumquat.

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