Driven by a need to ceaselessly strive for perfection and excellence, we wanted to create a travel universe that's strictly ours; a space where we bridge the gap between our most demanding clients and the people on the inside track of destinations who value our ethos and do so with all their heart and soul. So we set out to find the best. Our partners and collaborators, each carefully vetted, are some of the best in the business, and provide the support we need to craft the most exceptional travel experiences for our members.

Lartisien in a few key dates

  • The early beginnings in Paris


    It all began in 2007 when Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien left their former careers to pursue a dream: bringing together, under one name, what they consider the most beautiful hotels in the world. It’s a passion harbored from childhood, from the days they enjoyed spending time in the corridors and behind the scenes of hotels they stayed at with their parents.

  • goes live


    In 2008, the Lartisien brothers launched their website, combining the latest digital technology at the time and a truly personalised service. 150 hotels are inducted in the “Collection”, which is kept truly selective and unwaveringly focused on excellence. Today, the Lartisien Collection is the most exclusive collection of luxury hotels.

  • First international expansion


    After four years in a small Parisian attic but with incredible success in bringing travelers something new, the time came for the company to expand. In 2011, the Lartisien brothers opened their first international office in Mauritius, a place they’ve always held close to their heart for its excellent hospitality. This was the moment the concept of GEMs or Guest Experience Managers was born...something that ultimately made for the reputation of Lartisien as a company that always provides the most personalised service to travelers.

  • Le Club is launched


    Le Club was born in 2012 in an effort to recognize, and reward, the ever-growing loyalty of the brand's members. Benefits were negotiated with all the hotels in the Collection, including upgrades, breakfast and credits, and in addition to the concierge services provided by the GEMs, a unique system for managing guest preferences was established to make every guest feel as welcome as a habitué at the hotels they choose.

  • Expansion into Bespoke Luxury Events


    Originally meant to cater to individual travelers only, in 2015, Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien expanded their services to include corporate clients as well. Their goal? To progressively become a reference in the organisation of bespoke luxury events. From the negotiation of accommodation contracts to looking for unique venues, logistics and concierge services, some of the largest brands and fashion houses in the world trust Lartisien for their events every year.

  • Global growth


    Starting from 2014, the company experienced spectacular growth. More and more clients use Lartisien for their travelling purposes on a regular basis, and close to 450 hotels have now been invited to be part of the Collection. In addition to numerous offices around the world, including London, Italy, Philippines, Dubai, as well as the offices in Paris and Mauritius, a new branch is opened in New York.

  • Launch of the Grand Luxury Documentary Series


    Fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes at some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, in 2020, Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien decide to bring those stories forward with original documentaries. Weekly videos highlighting the unique DNA and personalities of the hotels in the Collection unveil a world unknown to many and help travelers understand how the magic at iconic hotels is created and maintained day after day.

  • The company gets a new name


    Born Grand Luxury in 2007, in 2021, the company underwent a major change under the watchful eye of co-founders Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien. The change comes as the brothers seek to further cement their presence as a proud French company, giving it their name to become Lartisien.

Ivan & Rouslan

Our Philosophy

At the core of Lartisien is a passion and unwavering love for luxury hotels, and a never-ending quest for excellence as we reveal the soul of places to our clients and make them discover the most beautiful facets of any destination they go.

An exceptional selection

Carefully curated collaborations for unique travel experiences. That's what we offer to our clients, striving for perfection every time so we make their travels more than just memories, but experiences they'll love to talk about.

Unique partnerships

We build, with each of our partners, a close and excellent relationship to guarantee a red carpet treatment and the most personalized service for our guests during their stay.

The soul of places revealed

We give your travels a feeling of timelessness as we take you on a journey to the very depth of the destinations you always wanted to go. We meet the people on the inside track, and together, we create exceptional moments and unforgettable encounters.

An unparalleled service

Omnipresent to assist you with your trip to any destination, your Guest Experience Manager has the sole aim of ensuring the most perfect travel experience, accommodating any and all of your requests, and where possible, anticipating your needs ahead of time.

What they are saying

« They have built a hugely loyal clientele who come to Lartisien for the unparalleled service and upgrades, the concierge service and personalised assistance. »


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