St. Barths… It’s a place we’ve been to many times, but like so many first-timers to the island, we missed its essence. We looked at the turquoise bays with yachts, and the endless beach-going, eating, drinking and shopping. Beyond this, there is the St. Barths of the locals...a little island with so much culture and people fiercely protective of their heritage. This is the St. Barths we experienced this time, and it’s a truly magical place!

Ivan & Rouslan Lartisien

Picture a place that blends the sophistication of France’s cities and the geniality of its countryside, but with a tropical setting of craggy mountains and turquoise waters, and stretches of sun-drenched coastline.

Getting there

Your heart will beat just a little faster the moment you arrive!

First off, let us mention that getting to St. Barths is not an experience for the faint-hearted. There is no direct flight to the island so the next best thing is heading to St. Maarten and hopping on a puddle-jumper for a 15-minute plane ride. The flight ends in paradise but not without the most terrifying plane landing in the world. You see, the runway in St. Barths is one of the shortest in commercial aviation so that makes for a very brusque landing but there isn’t much to worry about: Pilots are specially trained to perfect the landing on the short runway!

St. Barths by Lartisien

The history behind St. Barths’ landscape

It was in longtime French possession before it was flipped to Sweden for trading privileges. Almost a century later, the island was returned to France, which is why it is more Marseille than Malmo and the ruins of Fort Gustaf overlook the harbor.

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Eden Rock


The island mainstay

Eden Rock St Barths is a storied hideaway of St. Barts and staying here is being a part of that history and experiencing it. It all started in 1950 when French aviator Rémy de Haenen came upon the rocky promontory and wanted to build a guesthouse there, betting on the island’s potential as a dream destination. His property, which overlooked St Jean Bay, quickly started attracting Hollywood’s finest, and travelers became enamoured with the new hideaway. Decades later, not much has changed about this hotel: It’s still the island’s flagship hotel.

A storied classic as chic and glamorous as you can imagine!

This is a hotel that sits on a promontory and is almost entirely surrounded by calm - and the clearest - blue water. The beauty is so absolute, it’s almost surreal, and many rooms are built right into the rock. The atmosphere is enchanting, one of a family home albeit a very glamorous one!


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