Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong vs. The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental: Choose The Right One for You

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental vs the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. It’s the 700 USD (or so…) question you don’t ask yourself every day.

But, if you’re shopping around for a hotel in Hong Kong, these two properties – a mere six minutes from each other, and with virtually the same name – should have you thinking about the differences between the two.

Though they’re from the same family, these are two very different type of hotels, and if you’re wondering where to splash the cash next time you’re in HK, our head to head should help you choose the right one for you.



What you’ll like:

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Exterior

Some would say calling it Hong Kong’s equivalent of the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty is going too far, but for the thousands of Hong Kongers that have grown up with the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, that comparison is right on the money.

Is it odd that a luxury hotel is one of Hong Kong’s landmarks? Not when you consider its history. Though can’t avoid hitting a skyscraper when swinging a briefcase in Hong Kong nowadays, back in the early 60’s, the Mandarin Oriental was the tallest and most prestigious building in what was little more than a provincial backwater.

This fantasy world of steel and glass captured the imagination of anyone who couldn’t afford its price of admission. Walking through its doors meant rubbing shoulders with business moguls in the Captain’ Bar, the afternoon teas did wonders to your social status – as much as your palate -, and the constant flow of celebrity guests’ singlehandedly put Hong Kong on the map for many foreigners. More than a hotel, it was a symbol of just how powerful Hong Kong could be.

Though it’s been over 50 years since it opened its doors, to this day, none of the hotel’s panache and pull is lost.

The Mandarin Oriental group does a great job of keeping the classic atmosphere of their flagship alive, and a stay here grants you the definitive Asian Grande Dame experience. It’s sophisticated, surprisingly comfortable and intimate – there are over 501 guest rooms, but you’ll never know it – and the staff prove day in, day out why Asian hospitality is considered the best in the world.

It’s also a locals hotel. The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is still the place where mothers take their daughters for their first manicure and where fathers take their sons for their first shave – a touch up at the Mandarin Oriental Barber is a must- and after work drinks at the Clippers Bar are so common that it’s been dubbed “Hong Kong’s living room”.

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is a legendary hotel, that’s got nothing left to prove to the thousands of visitors that walk through its doors every year. And yet, despite its reputation, it never rests on its laurels. Stellar service, exquisitely designed interiors and a long and rich tradition mean you’re getting one of the most grandiose hotel experiences available whenever you check into this gem.


What you’ll like:

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong revels in its classic hotel vibe. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in anything but.

An intimate hotel of only 113 rooms designed by Joyce Wang (AmmoRhoda) the Landmark Mandarin Oriental is an “Urban Retreat” made for the style conscious traveler who wants a designer hotel, without the unnecessary attitudes they usually attract. Here, it’s all about comfort.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental – L600 Room

A laid back vibe helped on by friendly – but razor sharp efficient – staff and soothing contemporary looks have made the Landmark one of the hippest hotels for locals on a spa staycation or international travelers who can’t bear being more than a 5 minute walk from a designer store.

It’s the poster boy for the modern urban hotel, and though location and looks might be its main draws, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental surprised us by offering some of the largest rooms we’ve seen in the city – an entry level room of 600 sqf in HK is nothing to scoff at –  and a superlative spa experience. It even manages to squeeze in a celebrity Chef – Richard Ekkebus – and a stunning two Michelin-star restaurant, Amber, in it’s midst.  

To get a sense of the crowd, head to the MO Bar in the evenings and play spot the socialite – on-site live concerts are known to happen, and past performers include Alicia Keys and John Legend. If you’re after something unashamedly contemporary that feels more like an inner city apartment than a hotel, then the Landmark Mandarin Oriental was made with you in mind.


For all of the differences between the Landmark Mandarin Oriental and the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, their location, isn’t a major factor.

Separated from each other by a 5-minute walk, discussing the location of the two hotels is like splitting hairs. But, minute differences between the two might just influence your decision on where to spend the night next time you’re in HK…


5 Minutes From:

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Harbor view room

Hong Kong is known for its incredible skyline and views of Victoria Bay. One of the first hotels to ever spring up by the harbor, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong delivers an incredible wow factor every time you look out its windows.  If that’s important to you – and let’s be honest, Hong Kong’s skyline is one of the best out there – then that’s one element to consider.


5 Minutes From:

A shoppers paradise. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s unique location puts you right next door to many of the island’s best stores and, since it’s right atop the Landmark shopping complex, you won’t even have to leave the air conditioned interiors to whip out your credit card.


Nothing marks the difference between the two hotels more than their rooms. Built to feel like a modern apartment, the sizes, style (and prices) of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental are nothing like the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’ more classic hotel set up. That’s great in terms of your options, but makes it hard for us to do an accurate head to head comparison of room categories between each hotel. Nevertheless we’ve pitted hotel rooms in a similar price bracket to help you make the best choice.


City View Room Stats:

Occupancy: 2 people

Size: 35-40sqm/375-430sqf

View over: Cityscape

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s entry level room bears the blue print of the group’s East meets West aesthetic.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – City View Room

No flights of fancy, or unbridled artistic license here. What you get are soothing earthy tones of deep burgundy, gold and caramel, deftly accented by vintage local artwork and Black Forest Chinese marble in the bathrooms. It’s classy, and it’s got the amenities to match the looks. A plush leather chair sits by the window for evening cityscape viewing sessions, a walnut desk is at the ready if you have to catch up with work, and the thread count will take you to heaven the second you slide into the sheets. For those who take their sleep seriously, the Mandarin Oriental’s pillow menu has just the thing to make sure you get the best shut eye available, including one designed by NASA.


L600 Room Stats:

Occupancy: 3 people

Size: 56 sqm/600sqf

View over: City view

Landmark Mandarin Oriental – L600 Room

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’ L600 Premier, holds the title of the largest guest room in central Hong Kong. Its open concept interiors emulate a small apartment, and it’s all to easy to forget you’re in a hotel when you’re staying here. The dark wood floors and mood lighting ooze sexiness, and it’s hard not to want to waste away an evening in the bath’s seven-foot spherical spa tub.


Harbor view Suite Stats:

Occupancy:2 adults and 2 children

Size: 72 sqm/ 775 sqf

View over: City/ Harbour

The one to pick if you want those post card perfect vistas and plenty of space without busting the bank.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Harbor View Suite – Bathroom

With more eye candy than its name may suggest, the Harbour View suite offers views of Hong Kong’s dramatic skyline and thanks to massive floor to ceiling windows, you’re given every chance to soak it all in. What’s on the inside is just as eye catching, thanks to Chinese Elm timber paneling, a gorgeous black laquer Chinese console in the private entry space, and a bathroom clad in jade green, red lacquer and copper. Two stand-alone bathtubs, a large walk in closet and shower round off this excellent suite option.


L900 Room Stats:

Occupancy: 3 people

Size: 83 sqm/ 900 sqf

View over: Atrium view

A foyer with a marble corridor flanked by pebbles and murals is your first taste of the L900, and from then on, it never lets up on the luxury.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental – L900

Centered around an open air bathroom that’s home to a deep soaking marble bath tub, the L900 is the kind of suite you can’t help but get excited about even if you think you’ve seen it all. With its 900 sqf, it’s generous by Hong Kong standards, and there’s an undeniable sense of cosines to the place complimented by mood lighting, sleek dark wood tones and hand tufted rugs. It’s the very definition of an urban sanctuary, and after a day out in Hong Kong’s busiest shopping district, there’s nothing quite like it.


Mandarin Suite Stats:

Occupancy: 4 people

Size: 357 sqm/ 3,843 sqf

View over: City/ Harbour views

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Mandarin Suite

Few rooms in Hong Kong top the Mandarin Suites’ lavishness and reputation.

With seven rooms and 3000 sqf to its name, this bastion of Asian luxury is ideal if you’ve got a retinue in tow or need to entertain guests. Double height ceilings add to the suite’s grandeur, and a balcony running the entire length of the dining room puts you in the front row for priceless city/harbor vistas. But no matter how impressive the space and the views, it’s how the Mandarin Suite uses what’s at its disposal that makes it stand out from the pack.

Despite being over 50 years old, it is still one of the only suites in the city to offer a couples spa suite within its midst. A 12- seat dining table, fully equipped kitchen, powder room, large master bedroom and a bathroom clad in marble round off this exceptional suite that looks like the kind of place you never want to leave. Thanks to incredible butler service, that’s actually an option.


Harbor view Suite Stats:

Occupancy: 4 people

Size: 357 sqm/ 3,843 sqf

View over: City/ Harbour views

Bar the real thing, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Apartment Suite is as close as you’ll get to having your own place in Hong Kong.

In fact, thanks to exquisite Joyce Wang designed interiors, a prime location in Hong Kong’s shopping district, and an impressive 900 sq ft of space; it might even be better.

The Apartment Suite (unveiled in 2016) wears its designer credentials on its sleeve. An unabashed ambition to win over style-conscious travelers makes this room look like a million bucks, – and it probably is – but at no point does it compromise on the sense of homeliness.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental – Apartment Suite

Hand crafted furnishings, hardwood floors, and soft art deco lighting create a soothing aura you’ll love returning to in the evenings. If you’re booking a longer stay or need to entertain, the suite’s fully equipped Gaggenau kitchen, 6 seater dining table and full-size cocktail bar are sure to come in handy, and a seven-foot spherical spa tub in the bathroom is made for those long laid back soaks with some jazz blaring on the bluetooth speakers. Just like home…


The differences between the Landmark Mandarin Oriental and the Mandarin Oriental Hong King lie in the atmosphere, and the sheer scale and history separating them.  

If you’re after a hotel with statesmanlike grandeur and the prestige to match, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong comes out on top. In terms of scale, it’s a whole different beast than the Landmark with no less than 10 restaurant and bar options to choose from (three of them Michelin starred) and delightful extras such as the Mandarin Oriental Barber Shop and the Mandarin Cake Shop. In terms of atmosphere, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s constant flow of tourists and locals keeps it buzzing with life – but never crowded or noisy – and if you like a hotel with a strong identity and sense of place, this is it. And of course, there’s the views as well. 

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental describes itself as an “Urban Sanctuary” and it’s right on the money. 

Once you come off the streets of Hong Kong and cross the threshold, you’re in another world. Calm, soothing and with an enticing fragrance filling the air, it’s an oasis from the human mass on the outside. It’s also the more discreet of the two hotels, with a lobby that’s by the far the least busy of the two – there’s only 113 rooms after all.

You won’t have as many dining and bar options, but the Michelin-starred Amber restaurant, is nothing to scoff at, and the MO Bar has more pull with the younger crowds than the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s. Also, the Spa experience on offer is out of this world. And though you might not be getting gorgeous harbor views when you draw the curtains, the generous size and soothing designs of the rooms more than make up for it – and the fact that you’re only a lift ride from the best shopping in Hong Kong as well.

If you’d like more information about these hotels before making your choice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to offer some extra advice. However, you’re guaranteed a stay in an incredible hotel whichever you choose.

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