I studied Horticulture, Interior Design and Photography, and trained as a florist in London. Being both visual and botanical, with an affinity for texture and colour, these were natural routes for me, and they complement each other well.

Robbie Honey

Meet Robbie Honey


Floral designer and botanist

With his comfy, flowing linen shirts, bright smile, and calm demeanor, Robbie Honey immediately puts you at ease, and once you learn that he is a master of floral design, it all makes sense. His love for flowers, their shapes, colors, scents are all apparent from the way he talks about them. It was clear to us that Robbie was the right kind of person to guide you through some of the most gorgeous gardens in London and the best person to tell you about the beauty of flowers, and how their effect only grows when they become part of an arrangement.

The itinerary - A Lartisien exclusive

Falling for Flowers, a sensuous adventure with Robbie Honey

A yearly participant in the Chelsea Flower Festival, Robbie Honey is thrilled to be able to walk you through one of his favorite gardens in London, the Chelsea Physic Garden. The place has been occupying four acres of land on the edge of the Thames since 1673 and was first established as an Apothecaries’ Garden for medical plants. During this immersion, Robbie will share with you his knowledge and passion for flowers, and tell you about how his journey as a botanist started in the wild fields of Zimbabwe.

Further information

The experience

An experience for 1 to 4 people • 2 hours • The Garden is open every day of the week except Sunday, opening times are seasonal • Available upon booking • From 1000 GBP - For 2 people • Other experiences are available with Robbie: a masterclass and a day out of London in Castles

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