Discover London with incredible encounters!

Discover London like you've never seen it before!

Steeped in history and with prominent sights at every turn, London is a city often visited but seldom really seen, like it should be. So we went in search of those people who could really show us London... the landmarks but also the lesser known facets that ultimately make for the soul of London. Once we found the people who secretly hold the keys to the absolute essence of London, we collaborated with them, so we should share these unique encounters - and experiences - with you! This is, for us, true immersion in a destination.

The history of London ​


by professor Jerry White ​

To experience London is to experience its history. After all, this is a city with a complicated evolution through time and no one understands this better than British historian Jerry White who wrote a trilogy of books following the story of London from 1700 to 2000. Book a day in the company of the professor and experience a different side of London.​

London's street art


by British street artist ​Jim Vision

One look at Jim Vision, and you know he is the right man to take you on the discovery of the London “underground” art scene. He looks cool, relaxed, and his fascination for street art runs deep. That is why we, at Lartisien, let him take us on an adventure to the streets of Shoreditch, and with this immersion, we want to give you the same chance we had: to understand London’s street art through the eyes of someone whose entire being is defined by what he does, to discover the vibrant, eclectic art culture that thrives in those oft-overlooked places.

London's green lungs


by botanist and florist Robbie Honey​

This immersion is a journey to the 'Lungs of London’ the depth, character and magic of its gardens, known and less known, in the company of renowned botanist Robbie Honey. His is a story that began years ago and many miles away, just outside Harare in Zimbabwe where he would spend his days as a child barefoot and outdoors, roaming his family’s estate. Now a celebrated botanist in London, he holds the keys to some of the city's most exclusive gardens, which you are invited to discover on a tour and subsequent masterclass about flowers. ​

Our immersions in London

A gallery visit with

Elisabetta Cipriani