The Hallmarks of Excellence

An invitation to join the Lartisien Collection is extended to hotels that embody excellence in every facet—be it service, innovation, gastronomy, meticulous attention to detail, ambiance, or that elusive quality that imparts a unique character to a place. We firmly believe that excellence transcends standards and accolades, reaching beyond mere aesthetic appeal and flawless service. True excellence lies in the myriad details and touchpoints that distinguish exceptional hotels from the merely noteworthy, and it is this essence that we actively seek.

Location Prevails



“Location, location, location” is a motto we’ve been hearing for ages whenever a hotel is looking for the perfect address to welcome its guests. But if you ask us, it has never been all about the direct vicinity of luxury boutiques, the most pristine beach or the easiest access. What is crucial is the environment. Some of our most striking hotel experiences led us out of the beaten tracks and invited us to discover a side of a destination we have been completely oblivious about. Each of our partners shares a unique insight on its own environment, making one with its culture, its traditions, its people… more than a place to stay but the entryway to experience its own vision of a destination we know everything about, or one we are just about to discover.

Epicurean Discoveries



As avid epicureans, it feels only natural for us to place gastronomic experiences at the heart of our selection process. Our inclination has always been to venture beyond the confines of the hotel in search of authentic culinary adventures. Thus, we strive to discover hotels that welcome authenticity to their tables, transforming their restaurants into stages where local chefs can showcase their culinary prowess. We seek robust concepts, both in terms of cuisine and design, that stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest dining establishments in the destination. Our focus is on venues designed not just to satiate guests but to offer compelling culinary and design experiences. Luxury is no longer solely defined by Michelin stars, and catering to a diverse audience is certainly no longer achieved by offering international recipes and concepts.

Heartfelt Hospitality


Putting People First

Beyond service, which ultimately is a prerequisite in all the hotels we visit, we seek places that prioritize their employees. Exceptional service is distinguished by the staff's ability to embody the role of a host, treating each guest individually, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and sharing their knowledge and interests to forge a strong human connection. We value partners who invest in their teams as much as they do in their products.

"This Manifesto is here to put into words what excellence means to Lartisien, an approach that has involved a decade of traveling the world and meeting passionate, unwavering hoteliers. It encapsulates a personal vision that we have been sharing with our guests since 2007—a love letter to hospitality that we aim to share with our partners."

Lionel Guirard - Partnership Director

Architecture & design of character



Returning to the roots of luxury hospitality—the art of welcoming a guest into one's home—we seek places that, through their design, visually share a representation of their destination and create a welcoming, residential atmosphere. We pay meticulous attention to the entire design process, the selection of architects and designers, and their ability to craft an ambiance that our guests won't find anywhere else—creating spaces and environments that are true marvels wherever one looks. Whether the hotel is modern or historical, we seek a distinctive design proposition where each room and suite feels thoroughly curated, avoiding replicas. We look for inviting public spaces rather than mere lounges. We seek owners who care for their hotel in the same way they care for their private residence.

Enduring Excellence



Excellence cannot be reached without constant care and investment as it can take less than 10 years for a hotel to lose its superb. Luxury hospitality is a fast-paced industry, with existing concepts potentially becoming obsolete in just a few years. We are especially attentive to our hotels' ability to consistently maintain and enhance their offerings.

Memorable Sanctuaries



In the end, we seek places that transcend the notion of merely being a place to stay during a journey. Through their history, inhabitants, culture, gastronomy, and design, our hotels have all managed to set in motion what makes them uniquely extraordinary: their soulful essence. We seek places that one leaves with regret and indelible memories. Places that, within moments, convince us that they are not just the best in their destination, but an address that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Newly Selected Members

Hotel Castello di Reschio


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