From simple advice to booking flights, hotels - whether they are part of our collection or not - restaurants, experiences and tailor-made journeys, your concierge is devoted to you and accompanies you in realizing your travels throughout the year.

In order to make each of your journeys an exceptional experience that fulfills you and leaves you with an unforgettable memory, your concierge takes pride in getting to know you. Whether you share your tastes and interests, expectations and requirements, aspirations, and dreams, he is committed to being the guardian of your travels.

He relies on his expertise and a global network of partners to best defend your interests and shape exceptional stays for you. With knowledge of your aspirations, he is the trusted person who knows how to fulfill, surprise, and inspire your future journeys.



Whether you have started by reserving a hotel on our site or have made a request for a tailor-made journey, your Lartisien experience begins with a conversation with your concierge. This exchange is an opportunity to communicate your interests, tastes, and travel aspirations. Attuned to your every desire and aspiration, your concierge will present travel inspirations that meet your exacting standards.



Guided by the insights gained from your exchange, enabling him to truly understand you and grasp your desires, your concierge artfully designs your journey in harmony with our esteemed partners. Meticulously, he formulates a proposal, submitting it to you for thorough consideration. This collaborative refinement ensures that together, you tailor the proposal to perfection until it reflects your complete satisfaction.



Prior to your departure, your concierge shares with you a bespoke travel dossier, featuring your meticulously curated itinerary alongside personalized recommendations and invaluable tips to ensure the seamless progression of your sojourn.



A week before your departure, or at your convenience, your concierge arranges a telephone exchange to meticulously review the aspects of your journey and address any final questions that may arise.



Whether you have inquiries, wish to make changes, or have any other requests, your concierge is at your complete disposal throughout the entirety of your stay. While maintaining a discreet presence to preserve the tranquility of your experience, he stands ready to assist you whenever needed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey.



Following your travel, your concierge will arrange a call at your convenience, inviting you to share your insights. This commitment to continuous enhancement and a deeper understanding of your preferences is at the heart of our pursuit of excellence.



The ongoing exchanges with your concierge, both before, during, and after your journey, contribute to an ever-deeper understanding of your preferences. Anticipating your needs, your concierge will reach out to you with curated travel inspirations designed to capture your interest.

Marion Chantraine



"While providing excellent service is a prerequisite at Lartisien, transforming this service into a memorable experience is a daily challenge." Hailing from a French family rooted in luxury tourism, Marion spent her childhood in the enchanting landscapes of Provence, in the south of France, dreaming of following in her family's footsteps by venturing into the realms of hospitality and travel. Consequently, after obtaining her bachelor's degree in languages and economics, she naturally pursued a master's degree in hotel management at the renowned Vatel school. Post-graduation, she dedicated a decade of her career to the Four Seasons group, concluding this chapter with an enriching experience at one of the most illustrious names in the luxury industry—the George V. In 2016, Marion joined Lartisien, establishing an office in Florence, Italy. Today, she caters to our most distinguished clients, presenting them with the most majestic palaces and villas across the globe."


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